The Victorian Cancer Agency (VCA) was founded to help with cancer research in Victoria. This research, as well as its translation into clinical practice, is part of a long and complicated process. Our goal is to simplify and aid this process in order to improve clinical practice and cancer patient care.

We collaborate with a diverse group of people, including members of the Victorian cancer research community and their host institutes, members of the clinical cancer community and their hospitals, Integrated Cancer Services, existing cancer organizations and charities, and related industry groups, such as biotechnology companies and commercial clinical trial organizations.

The VCA’s functions are broadly defined as follows:

  • Identifying strategic cancer research priorities across Victoria
  • Victoria’s cancer research capacity and capability are being built.
  • Collaboration between key stakeholders is encouraged.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of existing state-wide initiatives and programs
  • Providing government with strategic advice on all aspects of cancer research.

Without our volunteers, fundraisers, and donors, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We’re making a difference as a group – and you can, too. Help us save lives by volunteering, making a tax-deductible donation, or participating in a fundraising event.